The Code Therapy

The Code Therapy

The Shader Editor for the Browser

by: Marco Gomez (@MarcoGomezGT)

The Purpose... is The Shader Editor for the Browser. It was developed as a personal project for me to be able to quickly prototype GLSL Fragment Shaders for my WebGL projects, with real-time preview, JIT compilation, and a fully featured editor with syntax highlight and code completion.

I also use as my personal Creative Coding Art Gallery, so I can show my Generative Art Pieces and Doodles to the world, aiming to share interactive and immersive experiences and hopefully inspire and interact with other Digital Artists and 3D Engineers. is at its VERY early stages of development. Lots of new features are on the way and many changes may occur. Breaking any type of backward compatibility would be extremely unlikely at this stage, but please keep that the Shader Download functionality is in place so you can make sure you won't lose any work done in

If you're interested in the future of this app, get involved! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter so you can keep posted about its development progress and also send your suggestions so I can consider them.

    0.003a (2021-10-10)

  • Implements dynamic switching to WebGL 2.0 context to allow compatibility with #version 300 es WebGL 2.0 shaders
  • Initial implementation of GPU Sound on PRGM8 for WebGL 2.0 shaders
  • Provides a grayscale 32x32x32 Perlin-noise-based noise3DTexture as a sampler3D uniform for WebGL 2.0 shaders

    0.002a (2021-09-30)

  • Provides camTexture as sampler2D uniform to use the webcam as realtime video-texture input
  • Provides noiseTexture and ditherTexture textures as sampler2D uniforms
  • Modifies Shader DB schema to allow saving private shaders in a future release (TBD)
  • Adds username lenght validator to require between 4 and 15 characters (sorry, o)

    0.001a (2021-09-26)

  • Initial public release